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We are thrilled to provide our customers with reliable and expert services. Our team of highly-trained professionals at all levels of service is a knowledgeable workforce that adds to the credibility of our company. We also pride ourselves on prompt response times, accurate delivery, and quality services every time. Our main goal is to always treat our customers the way they want to be treated; we want to not only provide the best service possible, but also inspire them to grow their businesses even more!

We are a bonded Canadian carrier, and all equipment is maintained in top condition according to government specifications by our service staff on site. We are a great team that is trustworthy and dependable. We look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent services that will only continue to show our dedication to your organization.


Our mission is to provide excellent services that would compel you to seek our services time and again! We aim to make transportation a hassle-free process. We know you will appreciate what we do, and we hope you’ll spread the word.

Trust and honesty are two crucial fundamental elements that play a vital role in forging a good business relationship. We let our clients know what they can expect, so there’s no confusion about where we stand on different issues.

Planning and executing the task of moving heavy machinery require professionals and experts who have experience and the required knowledge. We always pride ourselves on delivering the best service for our clients.

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About Us

North Fraser Logistics Inc. is a regional carrier that provides hauling services for the Northwest and Pacific Northwest areas thanks to its fleet of power-driven trucks.

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